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         Stella Onions

I have been reading research on both breastfeeding and peer support for a nearly five years now. It is obvious that across the UK, there are wide variances in both the levels of support women receive and the quality of information provided to new mothers.

Recently, Stella has been featured in various national newspapers and TV shows, advocating the normality of breastfeeding older children.

As I said to someone just the other day, I want to support breastfeeding, but am not about to re-invent the wheel and there are enough good breastfeeding support organisations (ABM, BfN, LLL, NCT & others) out there already. We see the role of Breastfeeding Community as raising awareness and helping to make sure the smaller organisations and the groups stay out there!

Here at Breastfeeding Community we are realistic enough to know when to outsource skilled tasks when we do not have the experience or the time to achieve the desired results. Working in collaboration with other organisations has been key to understanding the requirements necessary for this project to be a successful and viable venture.

The organisation will rely on new mums sharing their experiences, ethical advertising and a shoestring to get by!

Our two children, who are a constant source of delight, have provided so much inspiration and incentive to make this project work. And I would like to say thank you to my husband, who has been extremely supportive, especially in helping me juggle all this with two breastfeeding children!






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