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Mum & Me magazine which will be printed every two months and will be distributed through NHS Maternity Units and Ante Natal clinics. The magazines will be handed free of charge to expectant mothers. The Department of Health has fully approved the concept of the magazine and this distribution channel. Peer Support Groups will distribute further copies of the magazine and raise revenue for themselves at the same time. Quite a few Groups have already registered their interest, and for further details of this scheme, please see the Funds for Groups page.

After leaving the printer, the magazines will be sent to a distributor for packaging and distributed directly to the various Maternity Units throughout the UK. The distributor we intend to use is a social firm, which employs disadvantaged people who may not otherwise be able to access gainful employment. The magazines will be sent in easily manageable boxes - around the same size as a box of copier paper. This forms the main arm of the distribution operation. Smaller units may receive their copies by post. Peer Support Groups will be sent their copies on request.

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