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Here at Breastfeeding Community, we understand that Peer Support Groups often have difficulties with fundraising, especially on an ongoing basis. We are aware that all too often the money that pays for the orange squash, digestives, coffee and milk has come out of your own pocket. Printing of posters if very often done using your own paper too. All these little things can add up and often lead to groups closing as people become disillusioned. 

Breastfeeding Community will be offering Mum & Me magazine, at a nominal cost, to Peer Support Groups, who can raise revenue by selling (or even giving away) the magazines using a similar model to The Big Issue. 

The maximum price that could be charged is printed on the cover, and will be an absolute bargain! Each magazine that is sold will mean more money for the group. This will go some way towards funding the groups and to ensure their sustainability. 

There will be no restrictions placed on the end use of the money raised by the groups. We only ask you to complete a very short and simple form to check the credentials of the group and to enable Breastfeeding Community to monitor Impact Assessment and to verify distribution. (Big words for such a simple form!)

We anticipate you will have further questions about how this all works, so we will add a FAQs page. 

Many Mothers' Support Groups have already registered their interest in distributing the magazine, and we would urge you to do the same to ensure a smooth roll-out.

If you belong to a Peer Support group and are interested in this unique fund raising opportunity, please mail your details using the  Contact Us form.




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