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Mum & Me Magazine

Mum & Me magazine will promote breastfeeding and gentle parenting in a subtle manner by providing positive role models and images and ensuring information is easily accessible to new mums, yet will be in the format of a mainstream, high street magazine. The magazine was founded to normalise breastfeeding within the media and to provide non-judgemental, non-intrusive, breastfeeding support. 

Articles in the magazine will have broad appeal to new mums, birth stories, newborn skin care, bonding with your baby, hints & tips for new dads, celebrity mums, post natal depression etc.

Mum & Me magazine will comply with the WHO Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes.  

Mothers' Peer Support groups will be able to generate revenue for themselves by further distribution of the magazine. The groups do not have to be breastfeeding groups, but must be for the support of new mums. This unique fund-raising opportunity is loosely based on the model of The Big Issue. See the Funds for Groups page.

Further information will be added here soon. The model for the magazine is currently being re-written. 



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