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Q.   How come the magazine is free?

 A.   The magazine will be fully funded by advertising once established. How it works is this: The more magazines actually distributed, the more advertisers are interested and thus the project is self-perpetuating and self sustaining.


Q.   What if I would like 100 copies or more, will they still be free of charge?

 A.   Yes


Q.    Can I have as many as I like?

A.   Yes, within reason. Distribution will need to be verified - by completing a very simple feedback form. Copies must not be wasted.


Q.   What about postage or courier costs?

 A.   The magazines will be delivered to you free of charge.


Q.   What do you get out of it? 

A.   Satisfaction. One day I may even be able to repay myself the money I have been putting into the project over the last 12 months!


Q.   Will I be sent a full year’s supply all at once?

 A.   No. The magazine will be published every two months. With new content and exciting stories – always fresh and engaging.


Q.   The maternity unit is large and we will need 300 magazines each issue. How will they arrive, in one big box?

 A.   The magazines will be sent to you in boxes of no more than 100. The boxes will be no bigger than the normal box that you would get copier paper in, so easily manageable.


Q.   We have a small unit, so only need 30 magazines each issue. How will they be sent?

 A.   They will be sent by courier, in a small box or packet. Very small amounts may be posted.


Q.   How will you manage to get new birth and breastfeeding stories for each issue?

 A.   That’s where YOU come in! Please go to Submit Articles page.

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