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We would love you to send in your positive birth and breastfeeding stories as this magazine is very much focused on mum to mum support. Although some articles will be professionally written, the majority will be your stories. We want you to be able to share your experiences as a new mum with other mums-to-be, in your own words.

If you or anyone you  know has an exciting, positive, birth or early parenting story, please submit them article by email, with high resolution pictures, if possible, and we will consider them for publication. 

At the moment we are particularly seeking articles  covering the following topics: surviving ante or post natal depression ; more articles from teenage mums ; articles about how you - as a working mum - managed to combine working and breastfeeding.

All articles to be used will be discussed with their authors prior to publication. Please include full names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. These details will not be published, but are for contact and verification purposes. 

All references to research in articles will be verified and should include updated, reputable information. All articles to be used will be discussed with their authors prior to publication.  We are unable to pay for your stories at this moment in time.

We reserve the right to edit articles for grammar, brevity, clarity, and tone. 

Please note that we cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to unsolicited articles, photographs or artwork always keep copies for your records.

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